I forgot to mention, I’m a published scientific co-author now.

You can find it right here on Google Scholar.

One of my projects running up to my Master’s degree was about testing the accuracy of using WiFi signals to track indoor positions, and after I moved on to my actual Master thesis and then left university my professor and my adviser built upon that work and wrote this paper. They presented it at the Auto-Carto conference last September and I must say I’m quite proud! To be honest, my main contribution was clarifying things regarding the work I had done and the software I developed, and I haven’t actually written a single word of the paper myself, but CREDIT IS CREDIT! :-D

Looking back at my project, I must say I have mixed feelings. Part of it was incredibly stressful, with constant delays and bureaucracy getting in the way, but I’m proud that I managed to land it in a decent way and get some useful results despite all that. My favourite thing was the way I built a position logging system from the ground up following the rules from The Pragmatic Programmer and really saw how useful the advice was. All in all a great learning experience!

This reminds me, I should probably put my actual master thesis up on this site soon. And that other paper I wrote on Open Source. I’m a sloth-like academic, it seems.

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