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Plaintext Export

Plaintext Export Add-in for Tomboy

The Plaintext export add-in for Tomboy Notes allows you to export
all your notes or a selected notebook to plain .txt files, using the export functions introduced in Tomboy 1.7.1 on Linux and 1.9.7 on Windows and Mac. (In other words you must have that version or higher for it to work!) It’s licensed under the LGPL. As always, if you have anything to report just email me!



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  1. arams permalink
    January 13, 2012

    I have Tomboy Notes installed on a Windows7 machine. I recently installed this plugin to Tomboy. I went preferences and made sure this plugin was enabled. I then went to “Search All Notes/Tools” but didn’t see the plugin. I have Tomboy 1.8.3. Please help!

    • robpvn permalink*
      January 13, 2012

      It should be under Search All Notes -> Tools -> Export -> Export All Notes to Plain Text Files. From your description it sounds like it should work. Does the Search All Notes -> Tools -> Export -> Export All Notes to HTML option work? (It’s included with Tomboy.)

      • arams permalink
        January 13, 2012

        “Search All Notes -> Tools -> Export” is not shown. What is shown is “Search All Notes -> Tools -> Synchronize Notes”.

        • robpvn permalink*
          January 16, 2012

          Strange it seems that it’s not my add-in but the add-in infrastructure that’s malfunctioning. Do any other add-ins work?

          • arams permalink
            January 17, 2012

            The “Export to HMTL” add-in on the note itself does work.

            • robpvn permalink*
              January 18, 2012

              OK, sounds like the problem might be with Tomboy. Are you absolutely sure you have Tomboy 1.8.3 installed?

            • robpvn permalink*
              January 23, 2012

              See my reply to noelia, I’ll investigate the problem.

            • robpvn permalink*
              February 13, 2012

              See my new comment to noelia for an update. ;-)

  2. noelia permalink
    January 22, 2012

    Hi! I’m having the same problem and I’m aboslutley sure I have version 1.8.3. Did you come up with any solution?


    • robpvn permalink*
      January 23, 2012

      OK, I’m guessing something might be wrong with the Windows build of 1.8.3. I’ll have a go at installing it on my Windows machine soon and see if the same happens for me, and then I’ll talk to the Tomboy developers about it.

      • noelia permalink
        January 30, 2012

        Ok. I’ll keep checking to see what happens. I think this is the application most important feature Tomboy is missing. Thanks for developing it!

        • robpvn permalink*
          February 13, 2012

          I’ve found the problem, it’s a fault with the Windows version of Tomboy. I’ve submitted a patch and bugged the dev team about it, so fingers crossed it’ll be fixed in the next release of Tomboy for Windows. :-)

          • noelia permalink
            February 28, 2012

            awesome! Can’t wait!
            This is the most useful add-in I’ve seen. Thanks for creating it! :)

            • October 18, 2012

              Doesn’t appear the patch made it into the latest version (1.10.2).

              • robpvn permalink*
                October 18, 2012

                I checked, the patch was committed for release 1.9.7 and I just downloaded 1.10.2 to make sure it has export all built in and that my add-in works. So there must be something else wrong. ;-)

                By default the tools menu should at least show Search All Notes -> Tools -> Export -> Export All Notes to HTML, is that there?

  3. jose permalink
    January 11, 2013

    Hi there, I have more than 1000 notes, and your plugin seems lifesaving, but I cannot use it. Maybe doing something wrong, of course. I’m in tomboy 1.12, and I’ve dragged ExportToPlanTextAddin.dll to .config/tomboy/addin-db-001/addin-data/global

    sorry, I’m not a very experienced linux user…

    • robpvn permalink*
      January 11, 2013

      I think that’s the wrong folder, you probably want to put it in ~/.config/tomboy/addins (you can make the folder if it doesn’t exist). :-)

  4. December 18, 2013

    Doesn’t seem to be working for me.

    Export to Plain Text 0.10
    Tomboy 1.15.1
    Windows 7 x64

    When I try either exporting all notes or a single notebook, after selecting a destination, an error window pops up: “Could not save the files in D:\exampleFolder” “Unknown error.”

    The only choice in response is OK.

    The only output it creates is a folder containing a folder, empty of any text files.

    I experimented a bit with this, and a new notebook containing no notes successfully exports (of course it just produces an empty folder). Adding even a single note whose only text is “test” to the notebook caused the export to fail as I outlined above.

    • robpvn permalink*
      December 31, 2013

      Sorry that I took a while to reply!

      I don’t know what might be causing the problem, but an easy way to see if the problem is in the add-in or in Tomboy is to try to export all (or notebook) to HTML and see if that works. :-)

  5. sm8ps permalink
    June 8, 2014

    Many thanks for this useful add-in! It works perfectly well with Tomboy 1.10.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise).

  6. Bob permalink
    November 8, 2015

    Hi Rob,
    Do not know if you can do fixes, if so, would appreciate some help or direction.

    M17, Cinn. Tomboy “pin” intermittent –Tomboy 1.15.4

    Problem: Can utilize the “Access notes from Tomboy message tray icon” intermittently after waiting an hour or so.
    The message tray will display a icon shaped like a pin after an hour or two of using Tomboy notes.

    Advantage: If this pin icon is present in the message tray, the pin icon negates the use of multiple steps of opening and closing the “Search All Notes” Tomboy yellow icon located on mint cinnamon panel. Note: Located on my panel the left side has Internet,Tomboy, files, terminal, etc.. On the right side, I have date, sound Internet message tray icons. These icons are smaller than the left side icons on the panel.

    Tomboy notes: Pin a note appears intermittently on Linux mint 17 Cinnamon right side of panel.

    The dialog below is located in “About” Tomboy notes–Tomboy Notes ›Pin a note>>>Access notes from Tomboy message tray icon.

    “Pin a note
    The recent list of Tomboy notes you have accessed are shown when you click on the message tray icon. This list is limited to twenty recent notes. If you have more than twenty notes, opening a note that is not in the recent list will require you to search all notes.
    To quickly access less frequently used notes, you can pin notes to the recent list.
    To pin a note:
    Click on the Tomboy icon in the message tray.
    In the recent list, click on the gray pin icon to the right hand side of the note you wish to pin. The pin icon will change to in color to be green.
    A note with a green pin icon indicates that the note has been pinned to the list.
    To remove a note pinned to the recent list, click on the green pin icon.
    More Information
    Managing Notes
    See Also
    Advanced Preferences — Enable advanced options plugins.

    How to fix? : Would like a solution to have the pin icon appear in the message tray without having to wait an hour or two. Alternately, would like to have another method of inducing the icon to appear on command.

    Side note: The space where the pin icon stays closed after launching Tomboy Search all notes. After a short time maybe less than an hour, the space will open up but no pin icon will appear or when I run my pointer over it, no pin is detected. The pointer detects each icon on each side of it. After two hours more less the pin icon fills in and is selectable/runs normally for entire session.

    Thank you,

    • robpvn permalink*
      November 15, 2015

      Hi, sorry for getting to you a bit late. Sounds like this really isn’t something I can help with; I have only made a plugin for Tomboy, but this is a part of the core functionality. You should look at the “Getting in touch” section of , and try the mailing list or filing a bug. Hope you resolve your issue!

  7. John permalink
    December 30, 2015

    I downloaded the zip file from your site, then extracted the .dll to ~/.config/tomboy/addins. Stopped and started Tomboy, the only options in the Tools>Export menu relate to HTML export. The Add-in does not appear in the Edit Preferences>Tomboy Preferences>Add-ins tab. Linux Mint 17.3, Tomboy 1.15.4.

    • robpvn permalink*
      January 18, 2016

      Hey, sorry for the late reply. (Seems to be a bad habit these days.)

      It sounds like you’ve done everything right, so I’m a bit stumped. You could try starting tomboy from the command line with the debug option (“tomboy –debug”, I believe) and seeing if it gives you any relevant output.

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