Book review: The Pragmatic Programmer

The Pragmatic Programmer

The short version: Buy it, read it, and do what they say!

The long version: This book is well written, easy to read and very convincing. The authors lay down a number of simple rules for you to follow in order to create the best programs possible. When you read the advice, you’ll see how much sense they make and you’ll probably hear this book in your head the next time you sit down to write a program.

After reading this book, I made a conscious effort to follow their advice on my next big programming project. As time has passed and changes needed to be made, I am very glad I managed to follow as much of the advice as I could, because it really become a lot easier. For my next large programming project I’m definitely going to try to follow these rules as properly as I can. As an added bonus, telling other people the rules you’ve read in this book makes you look smart and experienced. Buy this book and thank me later.

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