DotNet 2013 Hackfest – Vienna

Here I am in my hotel room in the lovely city of Vienna, after en evening spent eating Chinese food together with lovely Open Source hackers. I’m looking forward to this week’s hacking!

Since add-ins for Pinta are more or less wrapped up (one or two small things to fix), most of this week will be about a new branch for Pinta, where we will try to port it to GTK#3. This is very exciting (not to mention scary) since GTK3 has been known to make a fair few breaking changes, and Pinta also has a good deal of generated GUI code. I’m a total beginner on GTK#3, and I’m slightly daunted by the task. But there can truly be no better place to get started on the task than in the company of other talented hackers, all working together towards the common goal of bringing Mono applications into a shiny new GTK3 future!

As usual, we must thank the sponsors for their generous contributions allowing this hackfest to happen:

Norkart AS, Norway’s premier supplier of Geographic Information Systems and related consulting and my most lovely employer (website, logo)

Collabora Ltd, Open Source Consulting (website, logo)

Hotel Schottenpoint, Our hotel partner (website, logo)

Novacoast IT, Professional Services and Product Development (website, logo)

The GNOME Foundation, providers of the GNOME desktop (website, logo)

Venue sponsor:

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